PITCHING - the core of modern consultative sales

Тема тренинга

The sales success depends on customer’s understanding of the product’s/service value as a solution for his/her needs satisfaction. All the trades and negotiations, arguments and bargains appears if the customer doesn’t recognize the value or doesn’t believe the proposal.


In B2B sales of the complicated services the main problem is to communicate the product value to the customer. Thus, the product/service presentation as a valuable solution becomes the main recipe for deal. The presentation has to bring the client to the close by the shortest way, avoiding rejects and objections.

Different types of clients in the buying channel follow different decision making sequences. To be efficient and effective, the presentations for them should correspond those sequences.


Константин Савченко

Chief Trainer компании TRAINING FORCE™ бизнес-тренер, консультант, коуч с более чем 20-ти летним стажем

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The training will provide you with a tool-set for prompt construction the persuasive and laconic presentations for each peculiar case:

To interest a Decision Maker – B2DM.

To sell to a Customer – B2C.

To convince a Business-Partner – B2B.

To train a Salesman, convince a Lobbyists, prepare a Mediator to Decision Maker - B2S.


All the presentation structures will be equipped with consultative sales techniques, which could be successfully used in both group presentation and face-to-face negotiation. On a workshop exercises you will fill them in with your product information, developing scripts for future presentations and tender proposals. The training will also develop your presentation, public speaking and communication skills to make you completely armed for the tough sales.


For the group of 10–12 people the 2-days training follows up with the 1-day presentation practicum with the group and individual consultation and coaching.

Программа тренинга

Pitching method

  • Why the presentation? – sales presentation objectives. Multiple goals and benefits.
  • Different clients – different needs – different presentation types.


Consultative selling techniques

  • 5P-technique for intro and rapport.
  • SPIN-method for needs actualization.
  • FAB?-technique for solution proposal.
  • Slogan-mode for the deal.
  • APOS-method to manage discussion and for FAQ answers.
  • 5P-technique for close.


4 presentation structures for all typical clients

  • 3 minutes Pitch – for 3-minutes idea-selling to B2DM – here & now, everywhere & anytime – in any conditions and circumstances
  • 6 minutes Presentation – 6-steps classic B2C
  • 10 minutes Presentation – two circles commercial idea selling presentation В2В – The product as a two sides solution.
  • + 2 minutes – 12 minutes Presentation – the sales & product training presentation B2S.


Presentation skills

  • Specific of the group dynamics. Group contact and the group attention.
  • Group presentation & group moderation. Group interaction as a success factor.

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